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Dynamite Dance Factory is a dance studio in Kennesaw; specializing in Jazz and Hip-Hop, with trained and dedicated instructors offering classes in Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, and Contemporary for those who want to take a step forward with their dance technique.

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Dance classes in Kennesaw for Fall season begins Monday,August 17th, 2020!

**ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR 2020-2021 SEASON  IS NOW OPEN under "Classes" tab**

Congratulations to Dynamite Dance Factory's November student of the month--Ms. Christina Brown!

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Kyri Hayes


‚ÄčKyri Hayes is the owner of Dynamite Dance Factory founded in Summer 2018. Her dream was to have a place that boys and girls could go to as they leave all of their burdens at the door by offering dance classes for various ages. Kyri began her dance training at a young age in Cartersville, Georgia and is currently a dance instructor in the Metro-Atlanta area. Kyri has worked alongside of dance studios such as Cartersville School of Ballet, The Georgia Ballet, Decatur School of Ballet, and Woodland High School's fine arts program in the dance department. During her four educational years at Woodland High School, she was able to earn her certification upon graduation as a Woodland High School Fine Arts Major in 2013. In the years to follow, she choreographed for Woodland's C.A.T.S.(Cartersville Artistic Talent Showcase) leads and dance ensemble of Catch Me If you Can, How to Succeed in Business without Trying, In the Heights, and many more mainstream musicals under the direction of Elissa Marks Marele. Her jazz and hip-hop choreography has also been showcased under the direction of Terri Kayser and Karen Grantham in Cartersville School of Ballet's productions such as Kaleidoscope, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Princess and the Frog, Cinderella,  and other various festivals around the supporting Metro-Atlanta areas.

       Kyri always had a sparkle of hope that she could call Dynamite Dance Factory her own one day. "I always shut down the idea of having my own studio. I thought I did not have the qualifications...too young..too much responsibility. I literally woke up one day, got onto I-75 to go to my corporate job, and it was like I had a wake up call. I thought about DDF. In that moment, all the motivational speeches, church sermons, and my passion for the art of dance spoke to my heart. In that moment, I promised myself I would not let another year pass by without going for what my heart wanted. I went to go look for spaces and one of the final places I looked at was an old clothing store. Everything was perfect...nice floors, changing rooms, pearl white finishing..of course, I fell a little in love! But I did not fall in love with the price of it. Needless to say, I passed it up. I got discouraged again. I spoke with the leasing agent and he mentioned that he had another space open a two doors down and the square footage was a little smaller. I said I would go peak at it and never did, Then, one day as I was driving home, I forced myself to go look. I fell in love! No, it was not the 4,000 square foot building like next door..but one thing I can always see--potential. I envisioned the dancers that would be welcomed, the art that would be created behind those double doors. I signed the lease on Thursday, June 28, 2018."

         Kyri is very dedicated to not only the dance training of the future students at Dynamite Dance Factory, she is just as committed to their mental well-being. She believes that each dancer performs and exhibits how they are feeling and that no one will leave the "Factory" without a seed of hope. She looks forward to all who come join the Dynamite Dance Factory family!