Studio Policy 2021-2022

Please read carefully and contact the studio if you have any questions.

2021-22 Dynamite Dance Factory

Please read the following information thoroughly and completely. It contains all of the information needed to make an informed decision about enrolling for and dancing with Dynamite Dance Factory. We would like to express the importance of discussing the financial commitment of DDF as a family BEFORE enrolling to make sure you are aware of all of the financial obligations. Being a Dynamite Dance Factory member is both a TIME and MONETARY commitment. Costumes, competition fees, and tuition all add up throughout the year. We want to make sure that everyone interested is well informed in order to make realistic decisions.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email [email protected] Please do not attempt to talk to staff/teachers during teaching hours. We are here to answer any questions you may have to make sure you make the most informed decision possible.


Students must be enrolled & attend their weekly DDF class during the dance year which runs August 9,2021-June 12, 2022. Please take into consideration your dance schedule when scheduling additional activities and appointments within the year. It is not acceptable to be 20 minutes late to class for 2 months because of track practice or to consistently miss class for chorus or drama practice. DDF follows Cobb County School Systems Closings for Thanksgiving Break (Nov 22-25), Christmas Break (Dec 20-Jan 4), and Spring Break(April 4-8) We DO NOT CLOSE for Winter Break. Attendance is very important and crucial during the months of January, February, and March leading up to recital. We understand that things come up, and this seems to be a time when we have a lot of dancers out sick. However, please take this into consideration when booking family trips, or purchasing concert tickets that fall on dance nights as this negatively impacts their group.

30 Minutes-$68

45 Minutes - $75

1 Hour - $82.50

1.5 Hours - $100

Each additional class - $50


Registration is accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Registration may be done online or at the studio.

Classes will be closed to further enrollment once maximum capacity has been reached.

An annual registration fee of $45 is due upon enrollment. $50 per family

General Policies

Registration fees and tuition payments are non-refundable

There will be NO prorating or refunds given due to missed classes.

Each student is encouraged to make up missed classes in another appropriate leveled class.

Each student is expected to be in full dance attire/uniform EACH class.

Withdrawal Policy

Thirty days written notice must be given to withdraw from a class. You WILL be responsible for the next tuition payment if you do not give notice 30 days before tuition is due. No prorating or refunds will be issued due to withdrawing from classes.


Tuition is due on the FIRST of each month. All families MUST have a credit or debit card on file from which tuition and other fees are drafted on due dates. If a card is declined and payment is not received by the 3rd, a $30 late fee will automatically be added to the account. We use an automatic payment system that will charge your credit or debit card on file on the 1st of each month. All charges will appear on your bank or credit card statement as being from Dynamite Dance Factory.

Tuition is based on a 32 week dance year. Payments are broken up into 9 months no tuition adjustments on a monthly basis based on the number of times classes meet. Some months will have 5 classes while others may have 3 due to holidays and school closings.

If you have a LATE FEE on your account, please take into consideration that you have to settle your account balance BEFORE physically returning back to the studio.


We offer a sibling discount of 15% off additional children's monthly tuition in the same family household.

Costume and Performance Fees

In order to insure delivery of costumes in time for the spring recital, we must order costumes before Christmas. On average, the cost of one costume per class is $70.00. For EACH time your child is on stage for a dance, there is a separate costume fee due. If your child has a combination class, they will be on stage TWO TIMES. Therefore, the costume fee will be due November 15th. A recital fee of $65 is due April 1st. This fee helps cover the rental fee of the recital venue .

Courtesy & Respect

All Dynamite Dance Factory members will be held to the highest standards of conduct. Communicating negatively about anyone in or outside our studio will not be tolerated. DDF members are expected to show courtesy and respect to all instructors and other students. Any student or parent who exhibits repeated negative or disrespectful behavior will be asked to leave the studio. Dynamite dancers and parents are always respectful, supportive, encouraging and are positive in spirit, attitude and behavior.